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Save Next Summer

Save Next Summer is the brainchild of two California camp directors, Mike "Otter" Stillson of Valley Trails Summer Camp and Andy "Soy" Moeschberger of Gold Arrow Camp. They work together on camp advocacy through the Western Association of Independent Camps (WAIC) and the California Collaboration For Youth. ​ Through that work, they realized that camps needed a tool to help their camp communities advocate on behalf of camps. They saw that camp professionals had exhausted their avenues to ask for help. Camps needed to turn to their camp communities.   Find out how you, your camp, and your community can help Save Next Summer!...

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Better At Camp


#betteratcamp   In this difficult time of uncertainty, angst, and social distancing, WAIC members have put together an Instagram initiative, #betteratcamp.  Life will resume, our distancing will fade away, and we’ll be able to get back to some sort of normalcy.  When that happens, kids and teens will NEED camp more than ever.   Everything (in our opinion) is better at camp!  Friends are more authentic at camp, you can be a better version of yourself at camp, and somehow the air (and almost certainly our minds) are clearer at camp.  Why is this?  Well, camp offers the unique experience to make independent choices, discover or rediscover a passion, connect with others face-to-face by unplugging, and a chance to take a break from the pressures of everyday life. Count yourself lucky if you’ve had...

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